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Our Quality Staff Who Cares

Our professional staff understands that every person’s health care is different. We have quality staff to ensure that the special needs of each resident are properly met. We take and individual approach to our nursing and rehabilitation services.

Excellence in Christian Caring


Chaplain’s Story

“Thank you for listening to my story,” said one Vietnam veteran. “I feel as though no one cares.” One family was grateful for the memorial service we had for their loved one. It meant someone cared. “Thank you for being there and for your prayer when the day wasn’t going so well,” said another resident.

These are some of the comments from people who receive service from the part time chaplain at The Lutheran Home.

Each new day, each new season brings new challenges and opportunities for our residents. For some spring marks new life as they help plant flowers. For some, it means being able to get outside once again on an outing to Village Inn or Wal-Mart. For some, it means new life and renewed hope. For others, it marks the renewal of their faith as they celebrate together the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

And for all living at The Lutheran Home means an opportunity to interact with people and remind of the love God has for each of them.

Chaplain Ron Holling